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The Fountain Lake School District is one of seven K-12 independent school districts in Garland County, Arkansas. The district serves an area of 186 square miles and is located north and east of the city of Hot Springs which supports a year round population of approximately 50,000 people. The district is nestled in the Ouachita Mountains and is ideal for recreational camping, all water sports, hunting, and fishing. Located within a 50 mile radius are many cultural activities, colleges, universities and the state capital, located in Little Rock.

Fountain Lake School District serves grades Pre-K through 12 with students from both Garland and Saline County and provides students and faculty with state of the art technology. Fountain Lake has a one to one ratio of Google Chromebooks to over 1300 students in grades K-12 and works to maintain technology that is consistently updated and used in the classroom daily.

In 2016, Fountain Lake School District had an enrollment of approximately 1444 students from Pre-K through 12 grade and continues to make strides in maintaining high levels of incorporating the newest technology such as, “Google Apps for Education” throughout the district to enhance education. The District has a K-12 integrated computer curriculum which utilizes Compass Learning Systems software . The school has also made available a vast amount of research material plus various programs to aide in the instruction of core curriculum and advanced courses.

At Fountain Lake, each school is separated by buildings, but the Elementary school, Middle school, and High School are all on the same campus. Fountain Lake School District believes as a district, it is only as strong as its relationships with parents and community and is fortunate to have a community and School Board that strongly support the Fountain Lake School District.

What’s New for The 2016-2017 School Year?

For the 2016-17 school year, the elementary school continues with their successful programs such as; "Parent Night for Kindergarten and First Grade,” "Daddy/Daughter Dance", “Grandparent’s Day Celebration,” “Mother/ Son Movie Night,” “Awards Assemblies each nine weeks,” and many other additional activities focusing on building the bonds between children, parents, and teachers. They also continue with several community partnerships that focus on community service and teamwork. These partnerships are with businesses such as: The Garland County Humane Society, Jackson House, The Garland County Library, and Mt. Carmel Assisted Living Center. The Elementary School maintains board certified teachers, a highly successful before and after school FACES program, PTO support team, and three thriving preschool classrooms starting at age four. The K-4 classrooms have IPads to use in the classroom to acclimate the students with state of the art technology at the beginning levels of school to better prepare them for middle school. The Fountain Lake Elementary School also has a thriving Pee Wee sports program facilitated by the school district.

The Fountain Lake Cobra Digital Prep Academy enters its third successful year as the first conversion charter school in Garland County. The middle school focuses on a four pillar approach to education; Personal Success Plan, Project Based Learning, Career Exploration, and Character Education. Students learn engaging, rigorous, and relevant content and skills by exposure to many careers through one on one engagement to Career Action Planning. The Middle School continues to provide culture to student leaders through the teachings of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and by incorporating advisory classes for student ownership. By the time Fountain Lake students exit the middle school, they will be better prepared for college and career planning.

The Fountain Lake Charter High School begins the 2016-17 school year in it’s second year as a conversion Charter High School. The Charter High School continues with the goal to help each student set and finalize a college or career goal beyond High School by making sure each student is engaging in career pathways. This is accomplished with personalized success plans while experiencing work based learning that incorporates employable skills into the everyday instruction. To assist with the High School’s goals this year they have implemented career specific advisory councils for every program of study, continued focus on the improvement of ACT test scores, along with an increase in career readiness indicators. By the time Fountain Lake students graduate they will have the opportunity to have earned college hours, industry certificate, or both while in High School.

As a district, Fountain Lake, understands that in order to achieve our goal, focus must begin in the Elementary, continue in the Middle School, and on into the High School. Our students are always our first and foremost priority as we target their individual needs for success in life.

“Supporting Every Student Every Day For Success!”

School Mascot - Cobra
Colors - Purple & Gold
Grades - Pre-K - 12
Counseling Pre-K - 12
Group/Individual Counseling
Parent Consultations
Consultant for Behavioral, Social, & Educational Concerns
Assist Staff in Effective Education
Referral Services
Drug/Career Education

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